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The Urchin by Nomadic Resorts: Redefining Eco-Luxury in Resort Accommodations

Introduction to The Urchin

The Urchin, conceptualized and created by Nomadic Resorts, represents a leap forward in sustainable luxury design. Inspired by the natural form of a sea urchin, this compact and eco-friendly lodging solution is ideal for environmentally conscious travelers seeking luxury in harmony with nature.

Sustainable Design and Construction

Constructed using a robust steel frame designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, The Urchin prioritizes durability and safety. Its external surface is treated with eco-friendly, color-coated materials to enhance its weather resistance and longevity. This design consideration ensures that the pod can endure extreme weather, making it suitable for various climates.

Eco-Friendly Materials

True to Nomadic Resorts’ commitment to sustainability, The Urchin utilizes high-quality, recyclable materials. The flooring is made from sustainable bamboo, while the outer shell features Serge Ferrari fabrics, known for their durability and minimal environmental impact. These materials are chosen not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their performance in terms of thermal insulation and environmental footprint reduction.

Interior Design and Features

The interior of The Urchin is ingeniously designed to maximize space and comfort. It features a dramatic skylight that allows natural light to flood the room, enhancing the sense of openness and connection with the outdoors. This feature is particularly appealing for stargazing, providing a mesmerizing view of the night sky from the comfort of one’s bed. The pod includes all standard amenities found in a luxury hotel room, skillfully arranged within its compact structure to maintain a spacious and uncluttered feel.

Versatility and Application

The Urchin’s design complies with European building codes, capable of withstanding wind speeds of up to 140 km/h, underscoring its suitability for diverse environmental settings. This adaptability makes The Urchin an excellent choice for a variety of applications, from eco-tourism resorts to private retreats, where minimizing ecological impact is as crucial as providing a high-end guest experience.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Nomadic Resorts designs its projects with a deep understanding of environmental impact, and The Urchin is no exception. By integrating eco-friendly materials and sustainable building practices, The Urchin not only reduces its carbon footprint but also sets a standard for future developments in the luxury resort industry. This approach demonstrates how architectural innovation can meet ecological responsibility without compromising on luxury and comfort.

Conclusion: A Blueprint for Future Eco-Resorts

The Urchin by Nomadic Resorts exemplifies how modern resort accommodations can align with stringent environmental standards while providing a luxurious and immersive experience. As the demand for sustainable travel options grows, The Urchin serves as a blueprint for future developments, proving that environmental stewardship and luxury can coexist. This pod is a testament to Nomadic Resorts’ vision of integrating natural beauty with sustainable design, making it a leading choice for eco-conscious travelers and resort developers alike.

The Urchin

The biophilic design of our second pod, is inspired by the globular ‘test’ or shell of a sea urchin found on the beach of Yala, in southern Sri Lanka.

The organic, stereomic structure nestles discreetly into its environment, much like the Urchin itself. Its interior is a comfortable, cozy space with a dramatic skylight offering guests the opportunity to stargaze in bed at night.
The pod provides guests with all the amenities of a luxury hotel room – an insulated, thermally efficient envelope, lockable facades, en-suite bathroom in a compact floorplan.

Internal Area
17.9 m2 / 85 sqft.
Internal Height
3.70m / 12'-11"
4.5m / 14'-11"
5.0m / 16'-5"
Roof Height from Ground
5.0m / 16'-5"
Prefabricated concrete footings or ground screws, depending on local ground conditions.
Steel frame, hot dip galvanized and colour coated. Tensile membrane cover.


The best quality of materials have been selected to ensure the structure’s longevity and resistance against the environmental conditions, such as strong windloads. Our standard products are designed to meet European building codes – which correlates to 140 km/h wind speeds. However we can engineer products to specific conditions.

Our pods use recyclable fabrics, bamboo flooring and high quality glazing. But more importantly they have significantly better thermal performance than any of our competitors and the durability of the products is best in class so in in terms of life cycle analysis we lead the field.