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The Looper

The Looper by Nomadic Resorts: A Revolution in Eco-Friendly Luxury Accommodations

Introduction to The Looper

The Looper, conceived and designed by Nomadic Resorts, epitomizes innovative and sustainable luxury accommodation. Inspired by the chrysalis of a caterpillar, this pod is crafted to provide a transformative guest experience, blending seamlessly with its natural surroundings while offering unparalleled comfort and sustainability.

Design Inspired by Nature

Drawing inspiration from nature, The Looper mimics the protective and transformative qualities of a caterpillar’s chrysalis. This biophilic design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the pod but also encourages a deeper connection between guests and the natural world, fostering relaxation and rejuvenation.

Sustainable Construction Practices

Constructed with a robust galvanized steel structure and coated for extra protection against the elements, The Looper is built to withstand adverse weather conditions, making it suitable for diverse environments. The use of recyclable fabrics, high-quality glazing, and sustainable bamboo flooring underscores the commitment of Nomadic Resorts to environmental responsibility and sustainable development.

Luxurious and Flexible Interior

The interior of The Looper is designed with luxury and flexibility in mind. It offers a spacious layout that includes an en-suite bathroom and options for expansive indoor and outdoor living areas. These features ensure that each pod can be tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of its occupants, providing a luxurious and personalized living space.

Eco-Friendly Features and Materials

The Looper is designed with environmental sustainability at its core. It utilizes locally sourced, recycled insulation materials, reducing its carbon footprint and supporting local industries. The pod’s design also focuses on maximizing energy efficiency, with features like high-quality glazing that enhance thermal performance and reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling.

Versatility and Application

This pod is versatile enough to be implemented in a variety of settings, from luxury hotels and exclusive resorts to upscale glamping sites and private retreats. Whether perched on a secluded beach, nestled in a forest, or positioned to overlook mountain vistas, The Looper provides a unique living experience that emphasizes eco-friendly luxury.

Conclusion: A Model for Future Eco-Resorts

The Looper by Nomadic Resorts represents a significant advancement in the field of resort accommodations, setting new standards for luxury and sustainability. Its innovative design and eco-friendly construction make it an ideal choice for developers and operators committed to advancing sustainable tourism practices. As the demand for environmentally responsible travel options continues to grow, The Looper stands out as a leading example of how the hospitality industry can evolve to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The Looper

The Looper, our first tent design, was inspired by the caterpillar’s chrysalis – a space that symbolizes safety, growth, and transformation.

Tailor-made for discerning hotels, glamping sites, and lodges, the Looper provides lavish comfort with unparalleled durability. Crafted from premium sustainable materials, the Looper showcases the perfect harmony between sophistication and ecological responsibility, setting a new standard for sustainable hospitality.

The pod provides guests with all the amenities of a luxury suite – an insulated, thermally efficient envelope, lockable facades, en-suite bathroom, and generous indoor and outdoor living spaces with panoramic views out over the surrounding landscape.

Internal Area
43.0 m2 / 462 sqft.
Internal Height
4.0m / 13'-1"
5.6m / 18'-4"
9.0m / 29'-6"
Roof Height from Ground
4.7m / 15'-5"
Prefabricated concrete footings or ground screws, depending on local ground conditions.
Steel structure, hot dip galvanized and colour coated. Tensile membrane cover.


The best quality of materials have been selected to ensure the structure’s longevity and resistance against the environmental conditions, such as strong windloads. Our standard products are designed to meet European building codes – which correlates to 140 km/h wind speeds. However we can engineer products to specific conditions.

Our pods use recyclable fabrics, bamboo flooring and high quality glazing. But more importantly they have significantly better thermal performance than any of our competitors and the durability of the products is best in class so in in terms of life cycle analysis we lead the field.