Nomadic Resorts Pods

Designers of sustainable Hotels and Homes across the world


Light Footprints, Lasting Impressions

Since 2011, Nomadic Resorts has been at the vanguard of the experiential travel industry, creating unique accommodation for world class resorts, camps and safari lodges.

Our pods have revolutionized the luxury hotel industry by offering developers a modular, sustainable accommodation solution with the comfort and amenities of a luxury hotel room.

Inspired by natural forms and patterns, our tented pods seamlessly blend into their surroundings, creating a biophilic connection between the guest and the landscape.

Whether you’re seeking to create an intimate wellness retreat, a luxury glamping experience or a wilderness camp, our tents redefine the possibilities of sustainable travel.

Bespoke Tent design

If you require an entirely new product, specifically designed for your exclusive use, we would be delighted to help.

Our design & engineering team has extensive experience of developing site specific designs for internationally recognized clients across the globe.


Our Products

What windspeeds are your products designed for?
Our standard products are designed to meet European building codes – which correlates to 140km/h windspeeds. However, we can engineer products to specific conditions.
Are your pods built to meet relevant building standards?
Building codes vary greatly depending on your location. We recommend you meet with a local registered structural engineer. Once you have clear parameters, we can advise whether our products meet those criteria.
Do you have any of your pods on display?
We have done several international projects, but we do not currently have our own facility where you can see all our products. We can assist with visits to projects such as Wild Coast Tented Lodge or our latest project in Athens as required.
How are your pods environmentally friendly?
Our pods use recyclable fabrics, bamboo flooring and high-quality glazing. But more importantly they have significantly better thermal performance than any of our competitors and the durability of the products is best in class so in in terms of life cycle analysis we lead the field.
How long does it take to install a pod?
This depends very much on the pod and the interior fit out you require– the Looper is the most technically complex pod for installation – it would typically take 14 days to erect the shell and structure, the Urchin 10 days and the Seedpod can be installed in a day.
Can you assist in the assembly of nomadic pods at my location?
Yes, we would recommend that we send a qualified technician to train your local team to install the pods.
Can your structures be built on any surface – e.g. Sloping ground?
Though all our products can be built on slopes, some pods are better adapted to steep slopes than other- notably the Seedpod and Urchin models.
Can your structures be taken down easily?
The Seedpod can be disassembled in a few hours, but the Looper and Urchin models are semi-permanent structures and we would not recommend taking them down on a seasonal cycle.

Design Process

Can you design bespoke tented products?

Yes, we have an architectural design team in Rotterdam and an experienced tensile membrane engineering team in Cape Town who can develop new designs specifically to meet your requirements.

What design services do you offer?

Typically, we offer Masterplanning, Architectural Design and Landscape design services.

Where are your design offices based?

Our architecture office is in Rotterdam, Netherlands, our landscape design office is in Mauritius and our engineering office is in Cape Town.

How long does a typical design process take?

This depends largely on the scope of the project, but typically we would recommend 2-3 months for the Schematic Design, 2-4 months for the Design Development phase and 4-6 months for the Technical Design phase.