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The Seedpod

The Seedpod

The Seedpod, our third product, was designed to provide an immersive biophilic experience with the lowest possible physical footprint on the landscape, allowing guests to connect with their natural environment.

The design is inspired by a Theobroma cacao (Cacao tree) seed, a symbol for rebirth and fertility in Aztec and Mayan culture.
The seemingly ethereal pod is like a real seed, remarkably strong, thanks to its inherently aerodynamic form. The polyvalent structure can be used as a dining experience, floating bedroom, or children’s treehouse.

Internal Area
3.5 m2 / 37 sqft.
Internal Height
3.00m / 9'-10"
2.10m / 6'-10"
2.10m / 6'-10"
Roof Height from Ground
4.30m / 6'-10
Depending on site conditions.
Steel frame, hot dip galvanized and colour coated.


The best materials have been selected to ensure the structure’s longevity and resistance against the environmental conditions, such as strong windloads. Our standard products are designed to meet European building codes – which correlates to 140 km/h wind speeds. However we can engineer products to specific conditions.

Our pods use recyclable fabrics, bamboo flooring and high quality glazing. But more importantly they have significantly better thermal performance than any of our competitors and the durability of the products is best in class so in in terms of life cycle analysis we lead the field.

Internal configuration