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Treetop Dining, Soneva Kiri, Thailand


Treetop Dining, Soneva Kiri, Thailand

The Treetop Dining Pod at Soneva Kiri offers guests the chance to dine in the rainforest canopy. But there are no walkways or terraces here – instead, the pod is hoisted up from ground level and are served by zip-lining waiters.

The bamboo-clad pod can house two to four people who are hoisted around seven metres (23 feet) up in the air to gaze out at the ocean and the great trees that tower all around. The pods are fairly spacious, with a wood-hewn table, cushions, napkins and cutlery, and their spindly exteriors are inspired by the nests produced by the local weaver bird.

Our Creative Director Olav Bruin was working for 24H-architecture and was responsible for the architectural design while our CEO Louis Thompson was responsible for  the project management and installation of the Treetop Dining pod.

Soneva Kiri, Thailand
Treetop dining pod
Olav Bruin, Louis Thompson

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