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Overwater Restaurant, Maldives


Overwater Restaurant, Maldives

The overwater Yakitori Restaurant and Bar is the latest addition to the Banyan Tree Vabinafaru resort in the Maldives. This stunning example of biomimicry takes its inspiration from the sleek silhouette of the Pink Whiprays (Pateobatis fai) that graze in the surrounding lagoon.

The naturally ventilated, bio-climatic structure features an incredible sea saltwater infinity pool, and an array of overwater catamaran nets where guests can relax with breathtaking sunset panoramas, caressed by the gentle sea breeze.

Crafted meticulously with bamboo by Asali Bali, this architectural wonder is amplified by the dramatic Maldivian landscape and reflected in the mirror like lagoon. The dramatic shingled, tail winds back down the jetty and provides a unique arrival experience that links the building and its inhabitants with the mainland.

Inspired by the Dhivehi language, where Madi symbolises “ray,” and Hiyaa signifies “shelter,” the restaurants name Madi Hiyaa pays tribute to the graceful rays that migrate across the Indian Ocean.

Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru, Maldives
Banyan Tree
Restaurant & Bar
Atelier Nomadic
Olav Bruin, Louis Thompson, Habiba Mukhtar.

Asali Bali

Interior Design

The sleek interior features a back lit, black bamboo bar and services blocks that subtly contrasts with the pale bamboo columns and timber decking. The rhythmic, pattern of the bamboo internodes refers back to the movement of the waves.