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Leaf Suites, Utah USA

Spirit at Zion National Park, USA: A Pioneering Eco-Luxury Resort by Nomadic Resorts

Introduction to Spirit at Zion

Spirit at Zion National Park, designed by Nomadic Resorts, represents a significant advancement in the field of sustainable luxury resorts. This project, situated near the breathtaking landscapes of Zion National Park in Utah, sets a new benchmark for eco-friendly and luxurious accommodations.

Sustainable Architectural Innovation

Spirit’s architectural design features 40 Leaf Suites, each with a unique leaf-shaped roof integrated with solar panels and photovoltaic fabric. This innovative design not only blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings but also optimizes energy efficiency, reducing the resort’s carbon footprint.

Resort Amenities and Eco-Friendly Features

The resort provides luxurious amenities tailored for both comfort and minimal environmental impact. Each suite offers a separate living area, a wellness studio, and private outdoor spaces. Additionally, guests can explore the natural beauty of Zion using the provided electric bikes, which encourage low-impact tourism.

Environmental Impact and Conservation Efforts

Spirit at Zion goes beyond typical resort operations by implementing a comprehensive environmental strategy. The resort’s construction and daily operations are designed to preserve the local flora and fauna, support land conservation efforts, and promote sustainability through guest education and community involvement.

Conclusion: A Model for Future Resorts

Spirit at Zion is not just a retreat; it’s a model for future developments in the luxury resort industry. By marrying luxurious design with stringent environmental standards, Nomadic Resorts has created a destination that encourages guests to engage with and become stewards of the natural world. This project illustrates how resort design companies can lead in the transition towards more sustainable tourism practices.


Leaf Suites, Utah USA

The Leaf Suites are part of the Mountain Lodge, just a mile from the edge of the national park in Utah. The luxury wilderness retreat will allow guests to stay in one of its 40 suites to develop a relationship with the land through the guiding principles of preservation and sustainability.

The property will set a new standard for gateway communities, one that inspires guests to not only be a part of the land’s continued story, but to become equal stewards of it.

The Leaf Suites are named for their innovative roofs which do, in fact, resemble leaves — they’re covered in solar panels and photovoltaic fabric to provide energy for the structures.

Inside the Leaf Suites provide separate living and sleeping areas, including a “wellness studio” that can be used for exercise, meditation, or in-room spa treatments.

Each accommodation also comes with electric bikes for exploring the property’s 35 miles of trails.

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