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Picknick Pods, Mauritius

Picnic Pods in Mauritius: Pioneering Sustainable Dining Experiences

Introduction to Picnic Pods

Picnic Pods, situated in the UNESCO biosphere reserve of Bel Ombre, Mauritius, are an innovative dining concept developed by Nomadic Resorts. This project allows guests to enjoy gourmet experiences in a strikingly natural setting, reinforcing the commitment to sustainability and luxury.

Sustainable Architectural Design

The design of the Picnic Pods cleverly minimizes environmental impact. Each pod is suspended using stainless steel cables that attach to existing trees, ensuring no harm to the surrounding flora. The use of sustainable materials and construction techniques showcases Nomadic Resorts’ dedication to eco-friendly solutions.

Local Cuisine and Environmental Integration

The menu offered in these pods highlights traditional Mauritian cuisine, prepared with locally sourced ingredients. This approach not only supports local agriculture but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with food transportation. Additionally, diners receive education on local reforestation efforts, bridging the gap between leisure and environmental activism.

Enhancing the Eco-Dining Experience

The pods are designed to offer an insect-free environment, enhancing comfort without the use of chemicals. This feature is particularly important in preserving the local insect population and maintaining the ecological balance of the reserve.

Community and Cultural Impact

By integrating cultural elements of Mauritius with sustainable tourism practices, Picnic Pods not only enhance the visitor experience but also promote cultural preservation and environmental education. This initiative helps foster a deeper appreciation for the natural and cultural heritage of Mauritius, encouraging sustainable tourism practices among visitors.

Conclusion: A Model for Future Eco-Resorts

Picnic Pods by Nomadic Resorts represent a significant advancement in the field of eco-tourism. They exemplify how luxury and sustainability can be seamlessly integrated to create memorable, impactful guest experiences. This project serves as a blueprint for future developments, demonstrating that responsible tourism can contribute positively to conservation efforts and community welfare.


Picknick Pods, Mauritius

From its source in the UNESCO biosphere reserve of Bel Ombre in Mauritius, the Jacotier river flows down, through bamboo groves and ebony forests, to the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

The Heritage Nature Reserve recruited us to create a novel dining experience on the edge of the river so that guests could spend their afternoons lounging by the stream or enjoy a glass of wine without being disturbed by mosquitoes. Two pods were installed using stainless steel cables attached to the existing trees – at Frederica we installed the pod near the foot of the waterfall, and at L’Abbatit we found a site next to a natural pool where a huge tree has created a natural bridge across the stream.

The team at the Nature Reserve have developed a unique menu celebrating traditional Mauritian cuisine and the local guides can explain the intrinsic value of the reforestation program in the area.

Bel Ombre, Mauritius
Bel Ombre Nature Reserve
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