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Mountain Lodge, Utah USA

Mountain Lodge, Utah: A Masterpiece of Sustainable Resort Architecture

Overview of Mountain Lodge

Nestled near Zion National Park, Mountain Lodge in Utah, designed by Nomadic Resorts, exemplifies the synthesis of luxury resort design with a strong environmental ethos. Spanning over 1,100 acres, this retreat is not just a place to stay but a beacon of sustainability in the resort architecture landscape.

Architectural and Design Philosophy

The architectural essence of Mountain Lodge is deeply rooted in eco-friendly principles. Mirroring the concept of ‘parkitecture’, the structures are crafted from natural materials such as rammed earth, local stone, timber, and iron. These materials are chosen for their low environmental impact and aesthetic harmony with the natural surroundings, emphasizing the resort architecture firm’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Resort Interior and Layout

The lodge’s interior design complements its majestic wilderness setting. Each space is designed to offer panoramic views of the landscape, connecting guests with nature while providing luxurious comfort. The communal spaces, including a restaurant, library, and lounge, foster a sense of community among guests, further enriched by an observatory and a natural swimming pool that align with sustainable resort design.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of Mountain Lodge’s design and operation. The inclusion of an aquaponic greenhouse integrates sustainable food production, highlighting the project’s dedication to eco-friendly practices. This approach positions Nomadic Resorts as a leader among resort architecture firms specializing in sustainable luxury accommodations.

Unique Features and Guest Experience

Mountain Lodge offers unique features that enhance the guest experience, blending luxury with eco-consciousness. The design incorporates elements like an infinity edge pool that blends into the landscape and hiking trails that encourage exploration and appreciation of the natural environment. These features not only elevate the guest experience but also promote environmental stewardship.

Conclusion: A New Standard for Eco-Luxury Resorts

Mountain Lodge sets a new standard for luxury resorts, proving that high-end hospitality and sustainability can coexist. Nomadic Resorts’ commitment to innovative, eco-friendly design makes Mountain Lodge a model for future developments in the field of resort hotel design architecture. This project is a testament to the possibilities within sustainable tourism and luxury resort development.


Mountain Lodge, Utah USA

Covering 1,110 acres, just a mile from the edge of the national park in Utah, the luxury wilderness retreat will allow guests to stay in one of its 40 suites or homesteads to develop a relationship with the land through the guiding principles of preservation and sustainability.

The property will set a new standard for gateway communities, one that inspires guests to not only be a part of the land’s continued story, but to become equal stewards of it.

There is a central lodge with shared amenities to develop a sense of community among guests. These include a restaurant, library, observatory, lounge, natural swimming pool, and even an aquaponic greenhouse.

The architecture is inspired by the parkitecture tradition, providing an atmosphere that is both cozy and spatious, made from earthy materials such as rammed earth, natural stone, timber and iron details.

Through panoramic windows and wraparound terraces, guests will have panoramic views across the national park from sunrise at the east till sunset at the west.

Utah, USA
restaurant, lounge, fine dining restaurant, reception, spa & aquaponics greenhouse.
Atelier Nomadic
Olav Bruin, Louis Thompson, Giulia Pastore, Isabelle Barthes.

Studio Oana Tudose

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