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  1. Picnic Pods, Bel Ombre


    From its source in the UNESCO biosphere reserve of Bel Ombre in Mauritius, the Jacotier river flows down, through bamboo groves and ebony forests, to the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

    The Heritage Nature Reserve recruited Nomadic Resorts to create a novel dining experience on the edge of the river so that guests could spend their afternoons lounging by the stream or enjoy a glass of wine without being disturbed by mosquitoes. Two of Nomadic Resorts’ Seedpods were installed using stainless steel cables attached to the existing trees – at Frederica we installed the pod near the foot of the waterfall, and at L’Abbatit we found a site next to a natural pool where a huge tree has created a natural bridge across the stream.

    The team at the Nature Reserve have developed a unique menu celebrating traditional Mauritian cuisine and the local guides can explain the intrinsic value of the reforestation program in the area.

  2. the Seedpod


    The Seedpod can be hung from trees, rocks, beams or tripods and can typically be installed in a day.

    In many ways the Seedpod encapsulates Nomadic Resorts’ ethos: the organically shaped pod discretely integrates the surrounding landscape so naturally, that it resembles a human nest, floating above the forest floor.

    When designing the pod, we aspired to make a new kind of hotel room, an affordable alternative space that had the lowest possible physical impact on the site and the quickest possible installation time – whether you use it an experiential treehouse for adventure loving guests sleeping out by the river after a long hike, or a picnic pod for a mosquito free, outdoor dinner on the beach; the pod offers guests a unique experience – the freedom to float.

    The seemingly ethereal pod, is however, like a real seed, remarkably strong, thanks to its inherently aerodynamic form. The structure is engineered to withstand wind speeds of up to 120km/h allowing guests to sleep tight whatever the weather.

    At night, lit up, it transforms into a romantic lantern floating in the darkness – a perfect place to cuddle up.

    Optionally the Seedpod can be accompanied by a bathroom unit, providing the perfect solution for the more remote locations.