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  1. the Looper


    The Looper is a luxury pod inspired by the form of a caterpillar. The orthogonal structure uses a small volume of structural material to enclose a large internal volume in translucent fabric. The recyclable membrane flysheet lasts for decades, withstands the harshest environmental conditions, emits no volatile organic compounds and glows like a firefly at night.

    The unit includes a fully functioning en-suite bathroom with optional solar hot water, a generously proportioned changing room, an air-conditioned sleeping area, a desk area and an outdoor living deck (with an optional retractable cover).

    The pod is perfectly proportioned for a luxurious breakā€¦the internal dimensions are 10m long, 4-5m wide with a 3 m ceiling height and generous space for circulation.

    In addition the pod provides excellent privacy, acoustic insulation and it is protected against unwanted guests, such as mosquitoes.

  2. Cocoon Suites, Sri Lanka

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    For Wild Coast Tented Lodge, Nomadic Resorts has designed and built 28 customized and prefabricated tented Cocoon suites, customized from Nomadic Resorts Looper product. The luxury tented pod is inspired by the form of a caterpillar where the 4.5m high vaulted ceiling provides a spacious interior while keeping a relatively compact and efficient layout. The units include a bedroom with living, a fully functioning en-suite bathroom and an outdoor living area with plunge pool.