Nomadic Resorts

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the Droplet


The Droplets are a family of suspended pods that can be hung from trees, rocks, beams or a tripod to provide users with a levitational experience. By lowering the table, the Droplet can be simply converted from a round pick-nick seating arrangement into a bed with a round mattress.

In close collaboration with an organic photovoltaic solar panel manufacturer a PV array can optionally been incorporated that can power a small ceiling fan, cool box, USB charger and Bluetooth speakers to create a mobile sleeping pod that could be used as a zero carbon ‘silent safari’ tent, in far out locations on the trail; a fun children’s treehouse or a funky chill out space for friends to hang out in at festivals.  This uber-adaptable design has endless applications….

The droplet can be accompanied by a bathroom unit, providing the perfect solution for the more remote locations.