Shankra Festival


Graub√ľnden, Switzerland


Bamboo stage and side structures.


Shankra Festival


In close collaboration with Natrufied architecture Nomadic Resorts designed and built 6 bamboo structures for the 2016 Shankra Festival in Graub√ľnden, Switzerland.

The main stage is a 14 meter high weaving bamboo structure providing a central space for the dj as well as for the 3 light creations from Extradimensional. The five side structures around the central dance floor make a complete hexagon with the main stage.

Led by Boris from Natrufied and Olav from Nomadic, a special bamboo construction team with architect Freek Speksnijder, spacial designer Sander van Leusden, bamboo wizard Marc van Will and eco pioneer Sebastiaan van Kints built the various structures on side with the powerful help of the local Shankra team.

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