Our focus is to create innovative projects that reflect a true sense of place, respect the biological integrity of the area and reflect the cultural character of the region. Whilst simultaneously fulfilling the aspirations of the owners, the financial needs of investors and the functional requirements of operators.

To achieve this fine balance we use a simple design methodology to understand the needs and tastes of the owner, the characteristics and attributes of the site and the technical requirements and objectives of the operating company before proceeding into the traditional design process that covers architecture, interior design, structural engineering, and landscape design.


We do not cease our participation once the design phase is completeā€¦our team has decades of on-site experience building technically complex projects in isolated locations with ethnically diverse teams of workers. We understand complex permissions requirements, logistics challenges, and harsh site conditions and have developed our products to facilitate the permitting process and then proceed with quick and efficient construction however far flung the location. To cater to the needs of our clients we have developed standardized tensile membrane structures that can be used in a wide range of climates and applications.


The integration of the project into the biological context of the site and the effective use of natural capital are crucial considerations in our projects so Nomadic resorts landscape design team are specialized in permaculture, regenerative landscaping and reforestation using native plant species to compliment the architectural design.

We also draw on the expertise of consultants specialized in waterscape ecology, mangrove rehabilitation and agroforestry as dictated by the needs of the project and its biological inhabitants.


Nomadic Resorts has extensive experience designing, building and opening luxury tented camps, eco-resorts and holistic spa retreats.

Having worked many years with top international hotel chains (Six Senses, Soneva, Resplendent Ceylon), as well as private hotel owners (Tri Lanka) we understand the technical difficulties of developing coherent projects that are tailored to changing market conditions. We also take careful note of the bioclimatic conditions on site to protect the building envelope against passive solar heat gain, torrential downpours or heavy snow loads to ensure the camps or resorts provide an appropriate level of comfort and safety for their guests.


We have developed several suspended tree pods on previous projects and will be developing some new treetop experiences and canopy experiences over the coming years in association with some of our strategic partners working in organic photovoltaic technology, membrane engineering, LED lighting, arboriculture, wire rope rigging and winch installation. We are happy to design bespoke, site specific tree pods or platforms on request.

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