Nomadic Resorts is a design cooperative featuring a core team of an architect, tent technician, interior designer, a team of low carbon engineers and a landscape designer who have worked on numerous luxury hotel projects (notably for Six Senses resorts and spas and Soneva Group).

Each team member brings to the table a specific set of skills associated with the design and construction of low carbon buildings and landscapes which compliments the expertise of the other team members to ensure that our projects benefit from an integrated design process covering multiple disciplines. All team members are shareholders in the company and have a shared interest in the successful realization of our projects.

We are closely linked with a network of specialists in various green building and sustainable design fields including waterscape ecologists, treetop canopy walkway and treehouse specialists, bamboo builders, aquaponics experts, Permaculture designers, environmentalists, tree surgeons, spa consultants and structural engineers which allows us to draw on wide ranging expertise to overcome all sorts of technical challenges.


Nomadic resort designs are inspired by natural processes, patterns and systems. We strive to minimize water and energy use from the outset of every project by carefully monitoring projected usage patterns and harnessing the natural energies available on site without compromising user comfort.

Our closed loop systems mimic biological systems to ensure that waste is eradicated or transformed into a resource. This integrated, holistic approach often opens up a range of sustainable energy production and rainwater harvesting options that might normally be overlooked.


We specialize in innovative, bespoke designs that reflect the owners dreams yet remain practical, secure, adapted to site conditions and easy to maintain. Years of experience have taught us that an interdisciplinary approach combining, architecture, interiors, MEP and landscape design, combined with acute ecological sensitivity and a keen understanding of guest expectations are key to the successful realization of any hospitality project. However fanciful your project may seem we will always strive to ensure that our designs are beautiful, functional and financially realistic.


We believe that the tourism industry is in a process of metamorphosis – a new form of experiential travel focused on authentic cultural experiences, outdoor sports activities, local gastronomy and sustainable comfort is becoming increasingly popular across the world.


Simultaneously travelers views, concerns and desires have become more and more tangible thanks to diverse websites, blogs and review sites. As a result traditional beach resorts will need to differentiate themselves from highly rated competition by offering a range of additional experiences to allow travelers to see a larger number of facets of each destination


Most mature international travelers have already had a wide range of experiences and are increasingly hungry for novel excursions and activities…be they cultural, gastronomic or spiritual – wildlife safaris, yoga retreats, and wilderness camps all bear witness to the new travel paradigm. The traditional 2 week beach holiday no longer has the same appeal for many tourists, middle class Asian travelers particularly require a more diverse cultural offering – including sports activities, food related tours and cultural visits.


At Nomadic resorts we build the infrastructure needed to make these experiences possible. What differentiates us from other companies is that we have made that infrastructure modular using state of the art, off-grid technology so that operators can build resorts or camps in locations that were previously off limits – leased land, areas with complex planning regulations and countries with unstable regimes where long term investments may not be advisable.

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